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We provide independence from the unexpected.

From fearing the unknown. From being oversold. Independence from being just a number, lost in the crowd. We find a solution that fits, with the options you need, so you can focus on the bigger picture and keep moving forward.

The freedom to
worry less.

IBA is redefining how insurance works for you. We’re here, by your side, to help manage your risks. Every relationship we build is personal, every policy is as significant as the individual, family or business it supports.

Are you ready to claim your independence?

The IBA Way

You can focus on the bigger picture.

(We’ll focus on your risk management.)

We’re with you during the journey. We serve as your advocate, using our four-step process to deliver cost-effective policies, giving you the freedom to keep moving forward.

Learn more about the IBA way

We’re ready to help.

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Heather Wessels
Independent Client

I have to tell you how happy I am that I switched over to your office. Best service from an insurance provider we’ve ever had.

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Let's talk.

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