The best way to avoid risks is to understand them.

We take a common-sense approach to using a number of readily available tools to handle your organization’s risk in the most cost-efficient manner possible.

Using our four-step process as a foundation, we work closely with you to identify, analyze and manage a range of potential risks and help you lower costly claims by creating solutions to effectively mitigate them.

One of the most important roles of risk management is educating others within the organization about the process and how to properly apply it. To be truly effective, an organization’s risk management program must be actively supported by its top management and embraced by the organization. That’s why IBA is dedicated to ensuring you and your team understand the full process and importance of managing your potential risks. 

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Mike Swatske
Angela Zeng, PhD, MBA
Owner of Karuna Beverages

Michael Swatske is not your normal insurance agent, he takes insurance service far beyond what any firm can imagine. Michael is extremely knowledgeable in his field. You can trust him to deal with difficult cases that other insurance agents would shy away from. More impressive, Michael’s insights in the food & beverage industry not only helped me to get Karuna Beverages off the ground but also greatly assisted our expansion. Michael is also well connected and is always happy to make the introduction.

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