IBA is built upon trust, collaboration, respect and integrity — in how treat our clients and each other. It drives us in every thing we do.

When you work for IBA, you’re a part of more than just a team, you’re part of our family, and our doors are always open. We trust you to do your job without constantly watching over your shoulder, or micromanaging your clients. We work together, we play together.

We succeed together.

Insurance Advisor Sales

This position is only for the elite sales professional committed to entrepreneurship and long-term opportunity.

Is our firm the right fit for you?

  • Career/Family Balance
    • We want your work to compliment your life and your life to enhance your work. Our culture is designed for those who enjoy and appreciate a work/life balance.
  • Sales Focused Culture
    • Our business model will provide you with the proper resources which will allow you to focus on the career tasks you enjoy as a sales professional and eliminate the unproductive, non-revenue generating activities.
  • Professional Growth
    • Our firm offers support for business development. We understand the obstacles and pit-falls an independent agent will face. We will help clear the path so you can sustain long-term growth and profitability.

Is this career the right fit for you?

  • Challenge and pressure are the norm. Problems may be situational, factual, or people-based. Solving them involves analysis, creativity, and working with others.
  • In dealing with other people; poise, confidence, and influence are required. A confident & animated communication style is essential. However, it is still important to be attentive to how the message is being received, as stimulating and motivating others is important. Confidence in solutions, even when faced with strong opposition, is required. Persistence in achieving results is necessary.
  • The focus of the job is the reaching of goals while keeping an eye on the detail. There is much freedom in this position, which requires independence and self-reliance in setting priorities and determining objectives. This broadly focused job requires an individual who is concerned with both the strategies involved in reaching goals while also continuing to meet the needs of their clients.


  • This career opportunity comes with truly limitless earning potential. As an Independent Agent, you will be in a position to create long-term wealth between 2 key factors:
    • Commission on new account acquisition
    • Commission from renewal premiums
  • Based on the systems, technologies, and resources provided, our average insurance agent will earn up to $100,000.00 to $125,000.00 in annual income by the end of 5 years. In addition, our agents have zero overhead, operating expenses, nor cost of staff and office space. All necessary resources are provided by IBA.

What do we offer?

  • Excellent Commission Structures
    • We want you to earn as much as you desire
  • Unparalleled Support & Resources
    • File processing and support
    • In-house marketing team
    • Trained service support staff to care for your clients
  • A Philosophy That Truly Eliminates Non-Revenue Generating Tasks
    • Focus on what you do best – SELL
  • A Proven Business Model That Has Withstood the Test of Time
    • Over 30 years of proven success to accelerate the growth of your business

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Dan Deming
Personal Lines Account Manager
Independent Client

They have continued to impress us with their amazing service, anticipating our insurance needs before we even know it. Each time there looks to be a rate increase, they find the most economical quotes and streamline the switch. They always get back to us promptly about our questions, concerns, etc. I would definitely recommend IBA to anyone looking for an insurance broker who will really take care of them.

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