Boosting Remote Employees’ Self-Motivation

Working remotely has numerous potential benefits for both remote employees and their employers. However, that is not to say that remote employees do not face unique difficulties and obstacles.

While each circumstance is different, remote employees may face challenges due  the lack of face-to-face social interaction. They may feel out of touch with employers and other employees. The number of distractions may be much larger working remotely than in an office setting, effecting concentration and motivation.

Employers can help tackle these challenges by taking easy steps to boost self-motivation for remote employees.

Consider how to best support employees, understanding that each employee may need different methods. Try to schedule regular one-on-one check-ins to allow the opportunity for employees to share how they need support. In these meetings, ask open-ended questions to allow employees to speak freely and openly. Similarly, regularly host team meetings to help remote employees build a sense of community.

Set expectations and goals so employees understand what is expected of them. By laying out clear expectations and helping make a plan on how to meet these goals, employees may feel more confident in their day-to-day work. Utilizing tools to measure productivity, even as simple as a survey, can help employees visualize their goals.

Encourage employees to take pride in their work. Highlight their achievements to boost morale. Find opportunities to allow remote employees to share what they are working on and their successes. A good time to do this may be during team meetings or in a weekly employee email.

For more guidance on managing remote workers, utilize the resources provided by ThinkHR. Their Remote Work Guide will help you navigate the compliance risks, logistical issues, and strategic questions that come with managing a remote workforce. If you need further advice, their HR Experts can provide you answers. Please contact us if you need assistance accessing your account.

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