Breakdown Safety 101

There is never a convenient time for a car to break down. It is important to plan ahead so you know how to stay safe and injury-free should you break down on the road.

Regardless of where you break down, it is important pull over and out of traffic (if able to safely do so) to avoid becoming a hazard to other drivers traveling by. If your vehicle will not move or is not drivable, stay in your vehicle and use your phone to call for help.

Always move your vehicle to a safe area before getting out of your car. Exiting or standing by a stranded vehicle is dangerous. Do not stand behind or next to the vehicle. It is advised to stay in the car until a tow truck or law enforcement arrive and can provide further instructions. Do not solicit the help of passing motorists. Be patient and wait for official help to arrive.

Turn on the car’s interior lights, headlights, and hazard lights to make yourself visible to other drivers.

Carry flares or reflective triangles in your car’s emergency kit. Put the flares or triangles behind your vehicle, if it can be done safely, to mark your location.

It is important to keep your safety and the safety of passengers a priority. Review these safety tips, continue to regularly service your vehicles, and stay prepared to reduce your risks in roadside situations.

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