Cyber Criminals Taking Advantage of the Coronavirus Crisis: How to Protect Your Information

As the population’s day-to-day lives have rapidly changed due to the coronavirus, many people are finding themselves slowing down and spending more time at home. However, cyber criminals are busy taking advantage of the global pandemic with new cyberattacks and phishing schemes.

You may have heard in the news, the U.S. Health and Human Services Department’s computer system fell victim to a cyberattack. These criminals are attacking individuals, as well. Dangerous malware-laced emails and sites are popping up on the web under the disguise of COVD-19 resources. Cyber criminals are exploiting the public’s fear and interest in staying up to date with coronavirus news. 

It is important to remain diligent and aware of current phishing schemes to protect your information. The cyber insurance company, Evolve, shared an article detailing best practices to avoid a cyber incident. First, multi-factor authentication is recommended to prevent hackers from accessing your email, apps, or other password protected sites. IBA suggests businesses provide phishing training to employees so staff can be confident in spotting fraudulent or suspicious emails. Lastly, it is recommended that individuals have an action plan in the event of an attack. By being prepared before a phishing or ransomware attack, you can increase your chance of quickly containing and managing the exposure risk. 

While we understand the general sense of unease during this pandemic, IBA would like our Customers to remain confident knowing that our Team is available to answer questions regarding cybersecurity and cyber liability policies

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