Fireplace Safety

Few things are cozier than enjoying the ambiance of a fireplace in the winter. But as relaxing as a warm fire can be, fireplaces can be extremely dangerous if not used properly. Chimneys and fireplaces pose a risk of home fires and carbon monoxide exposure.

By keeping up with fireplace safety and chimney maintenance, you can keep your home and family safe and enjoy your fireplace for years to come.

Both metal and masonry chimneys require maintenance. They must be cleaned and inspected annually by a certified chimney specialist.

Start the fire safely, never using charcoal or lighter fluids indoors. They can cause deadly fumes and potential explosions.

Do not overload the fire by putting in more ignitable materials than necessary. This can prevent overheating the walls and roof of your home.

Always keep children and pets safely away from the fireplace. Teach kids early and often about fire safety and consider installing a gate around the fireplace to keep curious kids and pets away.

Keep all flammable items, including furniture, blankets, and paper a safe distance at all times. Do not allow items to dangle from the mantle.

Ensure the fire is completely out before leaving your home or going to sleep.

Make sure you have working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors installed throughout the home. Check the detectors and change the batteries at least twice a year.

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