Navigating the Aftermath: A Guide on What to Do After an Auto Accident

I grew up in the insurance world and heard throughout my childhood about car accidents. While I hadn’t experienced one behind the wheel, I had no doubt that I would handle such an issue with calm rationality.

When I did experience my first accident as a driver (a not-at-fault while sitting at a stop sign), the reality of my reaction was far different. The adrenaline kicked in and my emotions were heightened. Rather than calling 911, my first call was to my now husband to frantically let him know that I was injured (and sounding much more panicked than the situation necessitated).

Our fight, flight, or freeze response often takes over when anxiety is heightened. This infographic, What to Do After an Auto Accident (click here to view), is a great reminder of the steps to take when involved in an accident. Print a copy to put in all of your family cars. It may sound unnecessary now, but in times of stress, this simple document may help lead you through the steps that your brain can’t recall at that present moment.

Heather Wessels began her career at IBA in early grade school when she learned how to alphabetize files and has been part of the insurance world ever since! After graduating from Washington University in St. Louis and trying her hand at many endeavors, Heather realized that a career in the insurance industry combined her loves of high autonomy and high responsibility with her desire to solve problems, work toward solutions, and protect business and people. She enjoys the challenge of working with her clients to tailor the best solutions for their risk management needs.

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