IBA’s Remote Learning Tips

With schools temporarily closing due to the coronavirus, many parents have a new job title: Teacher. If you feel intimidated by homeschooling or remote learning, you are not alone! Members of our Team at IBA are also home helping their kids navigate remote learning. We want to share tips and resources we have found helpful.

Tips and Tricks

Check in with your child’s teacher. They want to see their students (and the parents) succeed and will be happy to help guide you.

Set a schedule. Children do well with routines. In this time of change and uncertainty, a schedule will help them know what to expect each day. No – homeschooling does not need to be seven hours straight each day! You can be flexible as you get into your rhythm. Allow for breaks, time outside, and playtime. Khan Academy offers sample schedules for all age groups.

Know your child. You know your kids and what they need. Some kids can only work in short bursts and crave being around others. Another child may work better in a quiet space. Allow flexibility with each child to work in an environment best suited for them.

Don’t forget to breathe. You are super, but likely not superhuman. This is a new challenge for all of us. We are in this together. Breathe!


Entertaining active toddlers and preschool aged kids all day can be challenging. However, with restricted hours and COVID-19 protocals at many libraries, museums, and parks, finding ways to keep them busy in the confines of your home can be daunting! Blogs like Busy Toddler offer ideas on easy DYI activities for your little ones – many are structured around independent play, allowing Mom and Dad time to check in with work.

For animal-obsessed little ones, the St. Louis Aquarium is offering live streams with activities on their website and Facebook page. The St. Louis Zoo is bringing the zoo to your house by sharing photos and videos of their animals. Check out #BringTheStlZooToYou on social media or visit the Zoo’s blog.

Elementary School-Aged Kids

There are plenty of great educational websites for school-aged kids! Our IBA team has enjoyed using the unique lesson plans offered by Mensa for Kids.  For the Scholastic Book lovers, their Learn at Home Program presents fun projects promising to keep kids “reading, learning, and growing”.

Middle Schoolers

As a parent helping your child learn at home, are you suddenly faced with all of those school subjects and lessons you swore you “would never use when you grow up?” Help is out there! Brainly allows students to ask questions and get detailed answers from other students and teachers.


Many teenagers are likely feeling the loss of missing out on high school experiences with friends. Encourage them to stay connected with classmates while social distancing! You may need to flex the “screen time” limits to allow your teen the opportunity to video chat friends while working so they can have study sessions together.

While you have more time at home with your teen, take advantage and make family time a priority! And of course, the Team at IBA would be remiss if we did not suggest using this opportunity to talk to your teens about safe driving — you know we had to!


IBA wishes you and your family well. We can do this together!

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