Keeping Your Business Protected During Civil Unrest

Civil unrest in the community creates unique challenges for businesses, including safety concerns for employees and customers, risk of vandalism, stolen or damaged goods, and property damage. To keep your business protected in these situations, taking action is crucial to reduce potential loss.

Stay Informed and Seek Guidance

Be aware of when and where civil unrest is likely to occur so you can proactively protect your business. Stay informed on potential events or issues in your community by following news outlets and social media.

Follow the guidance of local authorities and take advantage of resources they may provide.

Assess Potential Risks

Evaluate your business’s property and surrounding areas for potential vulnerabilities. A thorough inspection will help determine where to focus your protection efforts to mitigate property damage and ensure staff and customer safety.

Create an Action Plan 

Make a plan for your staff with instructions on how to respond appropriately and safely if civil unrest takes place while your business is open. Plans should include:

  • Procedures for communicating with staff and customers before, during, and after the event
  • Instructions for safe evacuation of staff and customers
  • Appointing designated staff members to secure the property during an evacuation and contact local authorities, if necessary
  • Education on responding to confrontation calmly and without violence or aggression
  • Educate on response to robbery or looting – if an individual attempts to rob or loot, allowing them to do so will minimize risks to staff and customers

Secure Property and Remove Valuables

Perform security actions such as:

  • Installing proper locks on all windows and doors
  • Using motion-sensing lights, an intruder alarm system, and glass break sensors
  • Utilizing security cameras
  • Hiring security guards
  • Moving cash, merchandise, and expensive supplies or equipment to secure offsite location
  • If necessary, boarding windows and doors

Change Business Hours

Temporarily change your business hours if you suspect that civil unrest may take place in your community. Consider curfew orders when making changes. Keep staff and customers informed of business changes to prevent confusion and ensure their safety.

Review Insurance Coverage

In addition to these loss control measures, review your commercial insurance coverage to make sure you are properly protected. Please contact IBA for additional risk management solutions or to discuss your coverage.

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