Pet Insurance: An Update to IBA’s Coverage Options

With 67% of U.S. households owning a pet, there are a lot of well-loved animals who have become like part of the family! And just like any other family member, your pets get sick and injured.

Pet insurance can help cover the cost of veterinarian bills when an unexpected illness occurs, giving you the freedom to enjoy time with your pet and the comfort of knowing they are protected.

IBA has helped pet owners find coverage for their furry friends. We are expanding our pet insurance coverage and now offer policies through Nationwide, providing you even more options for coverage and competitive pricing.

Nationwide offers affordable nose to tail plans, each with the freedom to visit any licensed vet, specialist, and emergency provider. All plans have access to a 24/7 veterinarian helpline, valued at $150 a year, offering pet owners an added peace of mind.

We know what it is like to love a pet and want them protected. With pet insurance, IBA offers pet owners independence from overwhelming veterinarian bills. Click here to fetch a quote online. Contact us for more information.

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