Pet Safety: 7 Holiday Hazards

The holiday season is here! While this time of year brings magic and joy to many, for pets it can also bring potential dangers. Check out these seven holiday hazards and safety tips.

  1. Poisonous plants. Keep pets away from mistletoe, holly, and pine needles. If you have a real tree, do not allow pets to drink the water from the stand. The potential sap, pesticides, and fertilizer could be dangerous.
  2. Table food. Do not allow pets to eat table scraps and be mindful of any food left unattended by guests. Keep trash tightly sealed and away from pets. Be particularly mindful of holiday food containing chocolate, xylitol, and grapes/raisins, as well as alcohol.
  3. Tree trimmings. Ornaments may look beautiful to us, but your pet may only see a tempting chew toy. Broken bulbs and ornaments could break and cause cuts on paws, in the mouth, and through the digestive system. Chewing on electrical cords could lead to electrical shock or burns.
  4. Holiday gifts. Don’t allow your pet to be a grinch and steal the presents. The gift wrap and ribbons could be dangerous if ingested.
  5. Falling Christmas trees. Secure your tree to prevent it from falling and injuring your pets.
  6. Candles and fire places. Never leave candles or fireplaces unattended or allow pets to get close. The open flame and dripping candle wax are burn risks. Pets may accidently knock over candles, starting a fire. Do not allow your pet to chew on firestarter logs.
  7. Holiday anxiety. Pets may be overwhelmed with the excitement of holiday parties and guests. Set up a quiet, safe place in advance to allow your pets respite. Traveling or leaving pets alone for long periods of time may be stressful for your furry family members. Consult with your pet on how to address their anxiety.

IBA would like to remind you that we offer pet insurance to keep your pets protected year-round. Contact us for more information.

We wish you and your family a very happy (and safe) holiday season!

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