Preparing Pets for Emergencies

Pets are family, too. Don’t forget to include them when making your family’s emergency and disaster response plans. By being prepared ahead of time, you can feel more confident in keeping your family safe should a catastrophe strike.

Assign roles. Make sure everyone in your household knows their roles and responsibilities during a emergency. Communicate who is responsible for your pet and pet emergency kit. Establish a meeting place to reunite safely after a disaster.

Pack for your pet. When preparing your household’s emergency kit, make sure to include essential pet supplies for at least five days. Keep your kit in an accessible area to grab quickly in an emergency. Be sure to include:

  • Food, feeding bowl, bottled water
  • Collar/harness with ID tags, leash
  • Medications, list of vaccinations and medical conditions
  • Dog waste bags or litter box supplies
  • Favorite toy
  • Current photo of your pet (in case you are seperated)
  • Contact information for your vet, local shelters, and pet-friendly lodging

If possible, bring a pet carrier/kennel and your pet’s bed or blanket. It can help elevate their stress and keep them safely contained.

Research before disaster strikes. Gather a list of emergency shelters and boarding facilities that accept pets should you need a place for your pet to stay during a disaster or emergency. Similarly, find hotels in and outside of your immediate area with pet-friendly policies. Ask friends or family, both in and outside of your immediate area, if they would be willing to house your pet in case of emergency. Knowing where your family and pet can safely stay after a disaster can offer a sense of comfort and allow you to focus on other matters during the emergency.

Consider microchipping your pet. Collars or ID tags may fall off or get damaged. Veterinarians recommend microchips as a permanent solution to increase your chance at a reunion if your pet is seperated during a disaster.

Research pet insurance. IBA offers plans that reimburse you for portions of your vet costs. To fetch a quote, click here.

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