Preventing Falls at Home

Slips and falls are more common than you may think and can be dangerous at any age. Review these simple safety tips to help you identify hazards in your home and create a safer environment to lower the risk of injury.

Clean up the clutter. Keep your home neat and remove any items from hallways and stairways. Pay close attention to electrical cords and toys.

Turn on the lights. Consider adding nightlights in bedrooms or bathrooms if you tend to get up at night.

Check your footwear. Opt for rubber-soled, low-heeled shoes or non-slip socks when walking around the house.

Add nonslip mats in areas that could get wet easily (bathtubs, showers, kitchens, bathrooms, entryways, porches).

Break down large loads when carrying items. Larger loads may block your vision.

Don’t overreach. Store items in easy to reach places. Use a step stool instead of standing on chairs.

Secure rugs and runners with non-skid backing.

Slow it down. Give yourself time to regain your balance when standing up after sitting or lying down. Do not rush when walking up and down stairs.

Evaluate for tripping hazards. Routinely assess the inside and outside of your property to look for fall risks such as loose carpet, uneven floors, or damages that could lead to injury.

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