Protecting Your Building During a Temporary Closure

Throughout the year, businesses may need to temporarily close their doors. When a business steps away from their office or retail space for holidays, vacations, or other necessary closures, they leave the vacant space exposed to losses.

Whether you are away for a few days or a few months, here are five easy steps to keep your property safe during this time.

1. Secure your property.

Make your property appear as if it is still being occupied by placing the lights on timers. Secure all doors and windows.

2. Maintain landscaping. 

Verify that your lawn care service provider will continue to maintain the property in your absence. To prevent hiding places for thieves, keep shrubs low and away from the building. Have loose branches removed, as they could become dangerous projectiles during severe weather. During cold months, ensure that snow is removed and walkways and parking lots are properly treated.

3. Notify essential service providers and partners. 

Give notice of your temporary closure to your local police department and service providers such as fire/security alarm monitoring companies and your insurance provider.

4. Adjust the thermostat.

In colder weather, keep the temperature to a minimum of 55 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent pipes from freezing and rupturing. To prevent against humidity and mold growth in warmer weather, keep the air conditioning at 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

5. Inspect plumbing. 

Before vacating, inspect leaks and turn off the water supply line to sinks and toilets. If possible, consider having a licensed plumber install an electronic leak detection system or sensors. These devices will alert you of issues such as water leaks while you are out of the building.

By taking these small steps to protect against damages now, you will be setting your business up for success when it is time to reopen.

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