Protecting Your Car Against Hail Damage

Hailstones are a form of precipitation made up of solid ice. A hailstorm can strike anywhere and often accompanies thunderstorms. During a hailstorm, hail can impair visibility and completely cover the roads, creating icy driving conditions. Hail causes significant damage to buildings, vehicles, and crops. It can be deadly to people, pets, and livestock.

The best way to protect yourself and your vehicle from hail damage, is to be prepared and take the proper precautions.

Sign up for weather alerts and tune into weather reports on the TV or radio.

During favorable conditions for thunderstorms or hail, stay indoors and park your car in a covered location, if possible. If you do not have access to covered parking, consider using a car cover or even blankets and tarps to help absorb the impact of the hail.

If you are driving when a hailstorm strikes, do not get out of your car! If possible, safely pull over to the side of the road or into a parking lot. Position your car so the hail is hitting the front of your car. Your windshield is made of reinforced glass and tends to be stronger than your side windows.

In a severe storm, if you are stuck in your car and safely parked, lie down with your back facing the widows. Cover yourself with a blanket, jacket, or floor mats to protect you if the hail breaks any windows.

If you are caught outside when it begins to hail, immediately seek shelter. Never go outside when it is hailing to move or cover your car. Your safety is far more important than preventing damage to a vehicle!

Call your insurance broker immediately after a hailstorm to discuss any damage to your vehicles or home. Your broker will be able to review your insurance coverage and discuss next steps in repairing any damages.

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