Salon Safety Risk Assessment

Beauty salons have many potential hazards. As a salon owner or manager, you strive to keep employees and clients safe and healthy. Use this assessment guide as a starting point to begin identifying and correcting your salon’s risks.

Risk: Fire. Beauty products can be highly flammable. Products in aerosol cans may even be explosive if exposed to high temperatures.

Solutions: Keep all escape routes and fire exits clear at all times and adequately marked. Conduct fire drills with employees often. Store all products at or below room temperature and away from all heat sources. Turn off and unplug electrical devices at night and when not in use.


Risk: Harmful Substances. Products may contain ingredients which could lead to skin irritations or respiratory problems.

Solutions: Store, use, and dispose products according to manufacturer’s instructions. Keep record of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for all products used in the salon. Ensure proper ventilation.


Risk: Electrical Safety. Frequently used equipment or appliances may see significant wear and tear, potentially becoming dangerous.

Solutions: Inspect all equipment regularly. Do not use equipment until sufficiently repaired or replaced. Do not overload sockets.


Risk: Slips, Trips, and Falls. Accidents occur when employees and clients trip on things left on the floor, slip on spilled products, or try to grab items out of reach.

Solutions: Keep walkways and workstations clear and adequately lit. Unplug and store equipment not in use. Clean up spills immediately and sweep up hair from the floor. If items are being stored on shelves, provide proper stepladders to avoid overreaching.


Risk: Lifting and Moving Materials. Handling heavy items or working at poorly designed workstations can result in poor body mechanics, leading to injuries.

Solutions: Train employees on proper lifting techniques and instruct to avoid lifting items too heavy for them without assistance. Be mindful when designing workstations and make changes as necessary for employees’ needs.


Risk: Poor Sanitization. Frequently touched surfaces can lead to the spread of transmittable illnesses.

Solutions: Promote good hand hygiene for employees and clients, providing hand sanitizing stations. Sterilize all reusable equipment and wipe down workstations after each client. Create policies to prevent cross-contamination for products used by multiple employees and clients. Follow CDC guidelines for COVID-19 and other illnesses.

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