Small Business Safety: Slips and Falls

When service is at the core of your business, the safety of your customers and employees is a priority. It is important to spot unsafe conditions that could lead to slips and falls and take steps to prevent them.

Be on the lookout for slip hazards. Even a small quantity of a substance on the floor is enough to cause a fall. Objects left in the walkway or too much clutter can result in a customer or employee getting injured. Watch the floor for the following hazardous conditions:

  • Water
  • Food
  • Soap, hand sanitizer
  • Product spills
  • Trash
  • Extension cords
  • Tools, supplies
  • Ladders, step stools
  • Carts
  • Extra stock, boxes
  • Hangers, display items

Practice good housekeeping. Use doormats at all entrances, especially on rainy or snow days, and encourage complete wiping of shoes. Clean up spills immediately and use wet floor signs to alert others. If items are left in walkways and are unable to be moved immediately (such as when restocking merchandise), properly barricade the area to avoid unnecessary traffic. Use garbage and recycling bins to keep walkways clear of trash. Clean the floors regularly.

Be proactive in preventing slips, trips, and falls. Keep areas well-lit. Ensure walkways, steps, and handrails are in good condition. Clearly designate walking areas to avoid shortcuts through unsafe areas.

Make safety part of your regular employee training. Train employees that monitoring for unsafe conditions and watching for spills are essential parts of their duties. Encourage employees to walk at a safe pace. Educate employees on ladder safety and the dangers of over-reaching for elevated items.

There are various ways to suffer slips and falls. By staying aware of hazards and mitigating your business’s risks, you can help keep everyone safe.

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