Spring Cleaning Safety

As the weather warms up, most of our to-do lists include opening the windows and cleaning the house after a long winter indoors. As you gather your cleaning supplies and begin tidying up, it is important to keep these safety tips in mind.

Be mindful of clutter. When cleaning, things sometimes get messier before they get better. Keep walkways and stairs clear of bags, boxes, and clutter. Keep an eye out for trip hazards such as electrical cords.

Use extra caution when walking on wet surfaces. Let others in the home know the floor is wet and keep children out of the space.

Practice ladder safety. Do not overreach when on ladders or step stools. Wear non-skid shoes and make sure rungs are completely dry before climbing. If possible, have someone else hold the ladder steady.

Lift within your limits when moving large items, furniture, or appliances. Do not move anything that is too heavy, especially without assistance. Do not carry too much at once and make sure you can always see over the load you are carrying. Exercise caution when carrying items up or down steps, always using the handrail.

Always read labels and product instructions. Follow cleaning product safety instructions and recommendations. Wear rubber gloves and only work in well-ventilated areas. Open windows and doors and turn on exhaust fans.

Put away all supplies when you are not using them. Store them safely away from pets and children. Do not allow buckets filled with water to be left unsupervised as they are drowning hazards for small children. The contaminated water could be dangerous for pets who may try to drink it.

Bonus: While moving about the house, use this as a chance to check fire extinguishers and test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. If necessary, replace the extinguishers and batteries in the detectors. Inspect the interior and exterior of your home for any damages so you can make repairs quickly.

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