The Importance of Strong Passwords

While cyber attack methods continue to evolve, one tried-and-true method cybercriminals frequently use to break into accounts, computers, and devices is guessing victims’ passwords.

Simple and commonly used passwords make it easy for these criminals to gain access of your sensitive information, which can have devastating results. When you fail to create a strong password or use the same password across multiple accounts, you make it easier for cybercriminals to use password-finding technology or even guess your password, exposing yourself or your business to cybersecurity risks.

You should always make password strength a top priority and encourage your family members and colleagues to do the same.

What makes up a good password? Check out these tips to reduce the likelihood of a hacker guessing your password and accessing your device.

  • Always use long and complex passwords. These take more effort and time for hackers to crack. Create passwords with 8-16 characters. Use a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and at least two special characters.
  • Avoid using family or pets’ names, dates, and common words or phrases in your passwords.
  • Make passwords unique. Do not use the same password for two or more devices or accounts. If someone discovers the password to one account, they will try to use it elsewhere.
  • Change your password regularly. Update passwords monthly.
  • Use a pin or password to access computers, smartphones, and other devices. If your device is stolen, this will be your first line of defense from the criminal accessing your information.
  • Turn on two-step verification on all accounts. This additional line of security will allow you to know if someone is trying to access your accounts without your permission.

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