Tips for Buying Your First Car

Whether it is a flashy new SUV or a vintage sports car, we all have a dream car in mind when shopping for a new car. But for first-time drivers, it is important to make a practical choice when purchasing a vehicle.

It is a big decision that takes time and research as you evaluate many factors. As you start shopping keep in mind:

Safety. Do your research and look at a vehicle’s safety ratings and features.

Size. Large vehicles may be more difficult for young or unexperienced drivers to handle.

Cost. Vehicles are expensive. On top of the price of the vehicle, consider the cost of routine maintenance and fuel economy.

Insurance. New drivers will need an auto policy. The vehicle you purchase could affect your premiums. Call your insurance broker to review policy options.

Do you have a young driver in your family? Enroll them in IBA’s Young Driver Program. Each month you and your young driver will be sent a resource guide on driving topics to facilitate conversations about safe driving. For more information, please contact us.

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