Pet Safety: Holiday Parties

The holidays can be a time filled with family, friends, food, and plenty of cheer. If you are a pet owner and hosting a holiday party, it is important to take measures to keep your pet safe and comfortable during the festivities.

Pet Friendly Feasts

  • Keep a close eye on pets in the kitchen. There are many holiday foods that can be dangerous to pets including raw yeast dough, turkey or ham bones, and desserts.
  • Pets may get sick from eating too much. It is best to keep them on their regular diets during the holidays.
  • Secure trash away from pets. Have a place for guests to throw away or compost uneaten food so it is not left out to tempt your pets. Quickly dispose of food scraps, bones, and packaging.
  • Make sure plates and drinks (especially alcoholic beverages) are not left unattended.

Secure Your Home

  • Create a safe place for pets to take a break from crowd. A separate room with a favorite toy may reduce your pet’s stress.
  • Make sure doors and gates are kept closed. Keep a close eye on pets especially when guests are entering or leaving your home. Consider keeping your pet on a leash and behind a gate or closed door to keep them away from exit points.
  • Ensure your pet has proper ID tags with current information in case they do get out of the house.

Safely Decorate

  • Watch pets around holiday decorations. Avoid candles and turning on the fireplace when pets are around.
  • Be mindful of what decorations pets have access to, especially if they tend to eat or chew on items other than toys.
  • Avoid fresh floral arrangements that could be toxic to pets.
  • For other decorating safety tips, please check out this article.

Be Mindful of Guests

  • Understand that some guests may not be comfortable with pets. Have a safe place already set up in your home for your pet to stay if necessary.
  • Remind guests not to feed your pets. Offer for your guest to give them a treat or toy instead.
  • Hang bags and coats on hooks or in a closed room to keep them away from pets. The bags or pockets may contain food, medication, or other hazards dangerous for pets.

We hope you have a very joyous and safe holiday season with your pet! For more information on keeping pets safe during the holidays, please check out Pet Safety: 7 Holiday Hazards.

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